The botttom tweet below is a perfect example of "losing nicely"

I don't hang out on twitter - no account. I also dont care if this is a Poe's law case of satire. I've personally had similar comments directed at me, and observed them being made on occasions far too numerous to count.

It is wrong, and flat out immoral.

From my own post on the Golden Rule - or what Taleb calls the Silver rule:

Let me ask you this then.

A bully advertises they’re willing to use force to get what they want. They’re not likely to stop just because someone asks nicely. Is it any more moral to proclaim through your actions and choices that you’re willing to be beaten and be stolen from because you won’t hurt those who clearly are fine with doing you harm?

Are you willing to demonstrate that you accept the strong and abusive taking advantage of those they deem weaker?

That tweet is an example of the valuation of the nice above the good. How dare you raise a fuss and get angry at being abused, cheated, or hurt? Can't you see you're upsetting people?

"Rise above it."

By allowing yourself and others to be cheated and bullied, you are not rising above it: you simply have the opportunity to paint cowardice with a coat of supposed virtue. You are allowing evil to propogate.

It may not always be the place and the time to take to the streets - especially in places like Portland where Antifa is on their home turf with amenable authority - but don't pretend that you're "rising above it" or practicing, potentially, any virtues but prudence and patience.

And letting an election get stolen for the sake of "civility" mutilates the meaning of civil out of recognition.