Dr Kelli Ward posted an edited Scott Adams video that makes the same point I did a couple posts back. It doesn't matter how much more evidence you have of specific ways and means of wrongdoing - it's just icing on the cake.

The only thing you need to know is that they kicked the observers out.

And in case they can the tweet and vid - a screenshot:

As I said earlier:

They kicked out the observers. In the battleground states that were "close", they suspended the vote counting (or so they deeclared to reporters and monitors, and apparently continued counting) - and picked up the next day while ejecting and blocking re-entry for any observers or watchers that were not democrats.

That is against procedure and common sense - nevermind that courts have weighed in and said "this is fine." I absolutely don't buy that people made the active effort to violate accepted procedure and transparency to escort out watchers, cover over windows that allowed observation, and so on, in order to more properly count votes. "I know we cheered a republican monitor or few getting escorted out, but I pinky swear we counted all the votes properly while they were gone. I have no idea why our candidate suddenly started winning by percentages that would make the People's Republic of Seattle blush."

I'm always suspicious when someone takes the extra effort to do something obviously wrong. They may simply be stupid, but assuming that they're not dumb, there has to be something they gain from violating standards, often something even more wrong.

You may not know the truth of a matter, or the exact truth, but you can often spot a lie a mile away simply by noting something is inconsistent with it's supposed goals. The media can gaslight us all they want about free and fair elections - but as long as we hold dear to the things we know are true, that they kicked out observers and blocked any accountability, we know they are wrong at best, and - more likely  - lying at worst.