First of all - Razor has a video up on bitchute regarding the election, and the fact that, if the Democrats get away with it, they will have effectively removed both the soap box via "hate speech" bannings in social media and the public square, and teh ballot box as ways to peacefully change the system.

People can bitch about "no evidence" - meaning until the MSM and a legal system that has already joyfully allowed steps that dilute the real vote acknowledge it, and not actual evidence that something was fishy - all they like. I only need to know one thing to know something is very, very wrong.

They kicked out and blocked observers while the vote swung back.

I'm not going to go into statistics, all the "oh, oops, we overlooked counting that", the "no, those aren't glitches, they're human error when thousands of votes were counted for Kamal-Joe instead of Trump", affadavits, videos of people out illegally collecting votes, , or any of the rest of a pile of evidence that, if it were evidence for a murder, would have the suspect strapped to a chair getting ready for the electric slide as he suffles off this mortal coil.

They kicked out the observers. In the battleground states that were "close", they suspended the vote counting (or so they deeclared to reporters and monitors, and apparently continued counting) - and picked up the next day while ejecting and blocking re-entry for any observers or watchers that were not democrats.

That is against procedure and common sense - nevermind that courts have weighed in and said "this is fine." I absolutely don't buy that people made the active effort to violate accepted procedure and transparency to escort out watchers, cover over windows that allowed observation, and so on, in order to more properly count votes. "I know we cheered a republican monitor or few getting escorted out, but I pinky swear we counted all the votes properly while they were gone. I have no idea why our candidate suddenly started winning by percentages that would make the People's Republic of Seattle blush."

I'm always suspicious when someone takes the extra effort to do something obviously wrong. They may simply be stupid, but assuming that they're not dumb, there has to be something they gain from violating standards, often something even more wrong.

And of course, the Democrats are screaming or gloating about how "all votes matter."

I don't know good rhetoric to combat this, but the Democrats love to focus on "Disenfranchisement" - aka "you're taking away the rights of poor, innocent Americans, especially minorities you racist, to vote." it's a tear-jerker, and sounds awful . "Make every vote count." It's great rhetoric, and difficult to combat by explaining that not every ballot is a vote, or that false ballots or people voting who shouldn't - for the Democrats would love to make it legal for illegals and prisoners to vote, and I suspect anyone else they think will vote Democrat no matter where in the world - dilutes or disenfranchises actual legitimate votes. That - arguments over who has standing to vote aside - both false negatives ("disenfranchisement") and false positives (ballot stuffing, the dead voting) make the results illegitimate and cheat people out of a fair result.

We are one of the damn few countries, if any others exist, that think entire swathes of the population are too stupid to know how to get the very photo ID they otherwise need to buy booze, get a job, rent an apartment, or open a bank account, in order to verify that they are alive, a citizen, and entitled to vote.

But then, anything that would put responsibility on the voters to register, keep their information up to date, and show up to verify their existence and status in order to excercise their "right" to vote - any form of sacrifice -  is just as much anathema to the psychopaths in the left and neocons as making sure Americans have something to lose by voting for their desired policies, such as going back to property requirements, or requiring voters to be net taxpayers.

When all is said and done, with all the steps the Demeocrats have taken to minimize the certainty of who voted, if they really voted the way the ballot says they did, or if the supposeed voter actually exists, the Democrats make sure they are, with all due credit to Stalin, the ones counting the ballots.

I love the avalanche of evidence - which the media and many supposed conservative figures ignore - but to me the all important question is, again, simply this:

What legitimate reason is there to kick observers out of the polling centers so that the process cannot be monitored and audited?