It's not a new concept, but one worth revisiting, that we are truly living in two different worlds from many of the self styled leftists, progressives, SJWs, and Democrats. To me, the biggest surprise of the last few years was the degree to which pretty little media and academic lies sway those who think that the NYT bestseller list is worth a damn. Instead of any form of reality kicking them in the teeth and making them realize that maybe they needed to re-evaluate things, they've only gotten more polarized.

You can show them repeated cases of CNN butchering video to report the opposite of what happened, and you'll be called paranoid for stating that CNN habitually lies about Trump, and anyone to the right of Stalin. I haven't quite seen the apocryphal Nixonian "I didn't know anyone who voted for Trump", but I know several who were shocked at the concept that anyone might actually gladly vote for trump, and not simply while holding their nose. This is in large part because, despite huge Trump rallies, the news has steadfastly avoided reporting on them honestly, so that self-styled educated, smart, and politically aware people can't even imagine that he has enthusiastic support on any quarter. These same people are only now realizing that maybe, just maybe, Trump wasn't a fluke, and that a good part of the country hates the urban elites. The fact that they've held rural and even suburban folk in contempt for decades doesn't even register.

And so with the elections. How could anyone think the election was rigged? The news tells us it wasn't. Best and most secure election ever! OK, maybe a few dead people voted, but not in large amounts. Maybe a few glitches or miscounts, but why is it a big deal? They cannot understand, even from what was reported in the media, that these are just the "glitches"/etc. we know about, and that they were already enough in several cases to change who won lower-level and legislative positions.

And there is far more evidence. The most damning is that they blocked observers.

A fairly decent summary of the viewpoints is here. An excerpt:

T: This was a very clean and honest election. There is no evidence of fraud. Claims to the contrary are baseless conspiracy theories.

D> : There is massive evidence of election fraud of every type, including programmed computer cheating, dead people voting, and massive dumps of Biden votes in the middle of the night. There is also extremely strong statistical evidence of vote total manipulation.

T: Biden is “President Elect” because the news media have declared that to be the case. He will be the next President, and there is no room at all for dispute about that fact.

D: The media do not determine who is President. The next President will be determined when he has enough certified and unchallenged votes. We are nowhere near that point.

T: The story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is “Russian disinformation”. It’s designed to make you think Joe Biden did something wrong, but Joe doesn’t do things that are wrong. Joe will bring integrity back to the White House.

D: The laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. Russia has nothing at all to do with it. There is a massive amount of information on the laptop demonstrating schemes to enrich the Biden family by selling influence. Tony Bobulinski, worked closely with the Bidens to set up some of the questionable transactions. Tony met with Joe and said Joe was fully onboard with these business plans. Joe got a percentage of the foreign money. Hunter made deals with high ranking Chinese communists, plus lucrative deals with several other countries. Joe is thoroughly compromised. The way that the MSM and all of social media worked to hide this story is shocking.

Read the whole thing. He accurately notes, in my personal experience, that they think we are delusional and crazy.

There are more examples. Take Kyle Rittenhouse. The video is so clear that even the NYT gave a fairly decent rundown of what happened. Nevertheless, he was arrested and had a two million dollar bail set, while one of the people he shot, a convicted felon carrying a firearm on video, has yet to be arrested.

The responses to his making bail have been enlightening as well. Take George Takei, who is far from alone in declaring that he wants to live in a world where Colin Kapernick is a hero, and Rittenhouse a terrorist. The problem of course, is that to do so, given the objective evidence and proof of his intent, that he is anything but a terrorist, except by destroying all meaning of the word in service of who-whom.

We've also discovered that Black Rifle Coffee's support of 2A and veterans stops when they can't grift money off of us. They don't have to support Kyle, but they market themselves as not bowing to leftist causes, and have shown they'll fold when the chips are down. People taking a deeper look have found connections that make their rise to success a bit suspicious in context. Worse, they don't have to support Kyle (and in turn, we don't have to support them), but reportedly, the CEO or other senior member had liked tweets calling Kyle names and denigrating him. Reportedly, because the company principal has apparently since unliked those tweets.

But then, even a few years ago, we had parody videos that leftists imagined a "no weapons" sign would deter shootings. Now we have supposedly adult elected officials who seriously espouse that.

The City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention is a resource McBride encourages those affected by the event to use.

Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy, McBride shared and said, "guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather... If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday."

McBride went on to thank the Wauwatosa Police Department as well as nearby police departments for the protection they provided to those inside the mall, the Wauwatosa Fire Department for their attention to those injured, and the community "for their strength and determination. We have survived past challenges and we will survive this one."

I'm sure that if the shooter had remembered the omnipresent "no murder" policy he would have reconsidered.

Lastly - In light of communism's and the left's insistence that everyone is just the same regardless of sex, culture, etc. - a reported conversation by a friend with his child: "BUT IT'S NOT TRUE!!!" says my boy, gesturing at the cars going by before us. "Some cars are faster than others. Some can drive longer. Some are more comfortable."

You cannot compare apples and oranges, and fitness to purpose is a factor. A Formula 1 racer will never get up some of the driveways around here, whereas most passenger cars can easily enough, and a 4-wheel drive no issues at all. It'll beat the crap out of them on a racetrack though. Finally, there are cars that, by design or care of manufacture, are horrible, full stop.

But in the world the left lives in, speaking those simple truths about cultures and peoples can get you fired and ostracized. It goes against a part of their worldview that, if destroyed, tears apart everything else as a consequence.