Adam over at Pushing Rubber Downhill had noted in a recent podcast how much more fit and hotter the girls in Europe are than the states. People in general, actually. Generally speaking, he's correct. Here, in the states, it depends on the city. Some have reasonably attractive women, some don't have attractive people at all no matter how photogenic they may otherwise be (Seattle comes to mind). The problem is that the girls in the city are usually infested with the feminist mind-virus to a truly hideous degree, and while that recedes as you get away from town, you get more an more porkers among those living further out.

There are of course islands of relatively sane people who take care of themselves, the above is just a general rule. But the short version is that all too many in the states are unattractive inside, or out, or both.

But all is not necessarily well either. Obesity is rarer, but several I know who've been away from Europe have noted that it is becoming more common, even outside of England which seems to have the same diseases the states does, but worse in many ways.

Take one of the tour guides in the old Hanseatic district in Bergen. Not my height, yet my weight. As in over 200 Lbs, but without my height or muscle. "Sleek" doesn't do her justice.

Even then, to give her credit, despite several pointless asides about the past from a modern, muh feminism point of view, she was far more pleasant and chipper than any land whale I'd seen in the states, and put some effort in her appearance.

What kind of stupid claptrap you ask? Things like "Boo, no women" when discussing how the merchants stationed in the Hanseatic quarter were all men. And in discussing how they weren't allowed to have relationships with the local women either, doing so without going into the divided loyalty aspect of it since the Hanseatic merchants were not Norse.

Actually, that last irked me because she hadn't long before that pointed out the trade routes, and how the organization was nearly a corporate state unto itself that negotiated with other cities and states.