Courtesy of a Mewe post by Larry Correia - looks like, in addition to being one of the few SF writers who can write "literary" in the same general neighborhood as Gene Wolfe and unlike many literary wannabes, tell a story, Dan Simmons has some balls. Of course, vile 770 took him to task for it. What did he write?

Yeah, he said rude things about a child being used as a human shield to hector and shame adults. Recall - civil rules are for those who act civilized, and people morally guilt-tripping you like this to manipulate you are contemptible. They deserve to be attacked in turn, and being a "kid" doesn't save her when she steps on the world stage to nag and screech at adults.

So of course 770 has a bunch of the so very concerned sadly lamenting that they'll never buy another book of his again, or hadn't since his "Eurabia" post.

As my default position is to not pluck the low hanging fruit of point-and-mock or "look how stupid", I normally might have just reposted this on Mewe, or left it alone, but this comment jumped out at me as someone on the edge of an epiphany...

I find it baffling that someone who can delve so deep and compassionately into humanity in his books, is a grade-A bigoted and ignorant jackwagon as a human being.

Perhaps, perhaps, if the first is known to be true, then one may be wrong about the second....

Of course the grrrrl power brigade had to do the "afraid of stronk wimmen" thing:

Having been a teenage girl, it shouldn’t surprise me how very angry some adults get about articulate, strong-willed, principled teenage girls with strong opinions.

See, there's thins thing in common between opinions and assholes. Oh, and did she actually listen to the young idiot in question? Articulate isn't the term to apply.

It goes on in that vein. Oh well.