This is a week that perfectly fits under "improved user expereience," aka "it's a feature, not a bug."

I cannot go into details, but the short version is that the week was supposed to start with a server migration, and then go on from there. As it turned out, the week was the server migration, struggling to find time to get other things that needed to be done while assisting the people actually responsible for said migration in troubleshooting, etc.

Filed under things that did not work - the mysterious ability of the new server to access SMBv2/3 shares. Previously working user accounts suddenly losing the ability to print from handhelds.

Things were only resolved at the last possible minute, after days of work. That leaves aside discovered, unresolved issues from a security standpoint that stand out for their sheer obliviousness.

Excuses for lack of posting after having promised more regular posts aside....

So. On to the rest of the recent silliness. Apparently someone thinks it's a great idea to annex Mexico.

Mexico is not like the US....

Joking aside, nah, hell with it... I could really use another round of rum, or better yet, bourbon or scotch.

So... what else?

I, like Eric Raymond, want to sincerely thank Beto. "No-one wants to take your guns away" is now wayyy off the table for even the most big-brained of libs and SJWs.  

Why do they want to take them away, again?

Repeat after me, they hate you.

They hate the freedom to choose. And like all too many accountants who only value the bottom line, they value "efficiency." "Mass transit is more efficient than personal vehicles."

Leaving aside that various systems can be efficient on exclusive axes, it doesn't matter how "efficient" as system is if it's not effective. And vehicles give you options, without being tied to someone else's schedule and control. Efficiency of time and fuel and resources for the state doesn't mean efficiency in time, etc., for us.

So why don't we want to give up our guns?

Because, for our own good, these busybodies will then make us also give up our freedom to go where we want.

Speaking of efficiency and our time, the Z man covers how the friction of dealing with vibrance, etc. is a form of tax. The time stolen from you dealing with shitty transit systems, crappy neighborhoods, etc., can't be used for your own pleasure, or financial gain.

I agree with A J Cortes to the point that, just as man cannot live on bread alone, neither can his soul be filled with just vidya. One needs to develop strength, skills, and even if introverted as hell, some basic competence in dealing with people.

Incidentally, a great piece of advice heard recently was to stop telling people interesting stuff "for their own good" - a sin I've committed all too often in my life. It puts you in the role of teacher, not friend, and how many people really like their teachers? Even if you are respected, is that a dynamic of friendship?

Back to AJC though.

So yes, I agree with him to a point, but I think Walker has a damn good point in reply.

Let me put this into very simple terms: Gamers did real damage to the SJW Death Cult. The SJWs hate and fear gamers. Their behavior shows this, daily and repeatedly. Those same SJWs also show by behavior that they do not fear or hate the Manosphere. Why? Gamers are effective at hurting them, while the Manosphere is not.

Lastly, for now, I enjoy the SATW comic, but it's not because I agree with the creator politically on, say, actual equality between men and women - which simple biology and game theory shoot down with merciless volleys. Nevertheless, the last is precious because it reveals a way in which , if the left cared about hypocricy in the things they feel superior about, they'd actually apply context to the things they disdain as well.

The whole "it's easy to be safe in a country that small" - and homogenous.... if you believe in noticing hate facts - argument applies to guns the second you start talking about crime rates and statistics.

Interesting how rape and violence has skyrocketed in Sweden once the population demographics have been enriched.

Also interesting how the rates of violent crime in general, much less gun crime, fall to European levels once you look at just the portion of the population that looks traditionally European.

Yes, as Colin Flaherty notes, it's blamed on poverty, etc., yet equally poor people of other demographics don't behave the same way unless they correlate in a different way, which is that both the percentage of poverty and crime map pretty well to IQ across all demographics.

Even if poverty was at fault, it's become abundantly clear that handing people money in job lots neither cures poverty nor crime.

Anyway - that's all for now.