It's been interesting seeing the reactions since the election, especially on election night proper.

Sure, a few people utter rhetoric about coming together, etc. As I noted in a previous post there certainly are Democrats out there talking like they're moderates tone-wise while being anything but when you actually look at their policies. More there later.

Nevertheless, the platitudes of coming together are easily proven to be a lie. Pelosi within the same speech promises to do anything and everything they can to attack Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump. Little else about otherwise doing their jobs.

From our side of the fence we have to wonder who in Gods name they think they're fooling when they attack Trump and think that the significant chunk of the US that voted for him sees that as "unifying"? Much like attacking the NRA as a "terrorist organization" - and that is not simply fringe leftists but mainstream news commentators - while acting like they're not insulting millions of Americans who are paying members.

It's why I have a hard time tolerating the bullshit coming out of their mouths. "I'm for you! I just happen to be against everything you stand for, and think anyone thinking those things shouldn't be allowed to make a living or be seen in public"

And apparently no-one told many of the news commentators, or any of the late night talk hosts about this "unifying" thing and not being divisive. Sure, a couple words about how bad divisiveness is, followed by the usual insults and accusations. "Cruz is a racist," "Heidi Hetkamp lost North Dakota despite getting all of it's black vote" (and showing a picture of just one black guy). Get it? N Dakota is white so of course they're racist, and don't vote Democrat? Taking a perfectly lucid comment on Trump's part of Democrats making victories into a referendum and mandate (anyone remember "I won?"), and losses as meaning nothing as Trump avoiding blame. "Xenophobia", etc.

They sincerely believe Republicans campaigned on Xenophobia and fear of the other. They also sincerely believe that the large portion of the country that voted for them are either stupid dupes - see "what's the matter with Kansas" - or racist sexist xenophobes because who else would support Trump or any of his decisions? I lost count of "clever" references to republicans being racist - "not since the civil war", etc.and the sheer level of smug would have been suffocating coming out of a Prius.

That said, there was one cogent note buried in the "rah rah we kicked ass just like we said we would if-you-ignore-what-we-said-a-few-weeks-ago, women and more women," that in many ways, the Republican house members who lost were the moderates, the cucks, the nevertrumpers, and that the people remaining, while less than a majority, were a far more solid - and "fanatical" - core.

And that larger majority in the senate will make life more interesting come nomination time. I wonder if the infamous RBG beloved of the left and SNL sketches has anything to say about that?

I guarantee this will be taken as a mandate to escalate the violence. And I'm sure that even with the media carrying water, the optics of the house Democrats going all-in on sticking it to Trump will just help guarantee Trumpslide 2020.

Insofar as mandates goes, one talking head on CNN or similar was opining uselessly how Trump will have to learn to make deals now.

Funny thing is that those of us on the right remember "I won" and "Elections have consequences." Sure, the Dems have the house, but just barely, and the Republicans have a lock on the presidency and the Senate, gaining ground there. There is no clear mandate for the Democrats, and arguably with the expansion of the Senate and the failure of various rock-star candidates, a mandate for the Republicans.

And we got the guy in the header image.

Overall, as one friend noted, their self-talk about how great this all is and the opportunities it gives them. They can't keep up their self esteem without constant reminders of how great it is, and can't help but twist the knife:

That's just the roller coaster talking. They went in nervous, were told in the early evening that they hadn't taken the House after all, and then squeaked out a last second win. The high from snatching a razor thin win from the jaws of a close defeat left them feeling a little schizo. Their prepared talking points were "let's work together" loser-talk, so you saw a lot of that sprinkled around the vicersal "we won, bitches" knife twisting that represents their true personas.

Which brings me to where at least some of the evaporated support in the house cam from.

I'd mentioned earlier that Joe Cunningham was lying through his teeth about "lowcountry over party." I spend time down in that area for work and have family there, so I'd have though that this area, which consistently elected Republicans to the US House, would have still elected Arrington. I should have paid more attention.

In the last election that area put a republican in the house. Hell, even with her name recognition Stephen Colbert's sister couldn't eke out a win in 2013, though it was close.

It also voted by a narrow but strong margin for Hillary in 2016.

More importantly, the women's vote, already weak because suburban soccer moms like the fairness shit and hate being called racist by all the people on TV they look up to, hated Arrington. People down there who were shocked I supported Trump told me that a significant percentage of "but I have republican friends" they knew hated Trump and his boorishness. I should have known there was trouble when I heard a reference to "krazy Katie" - the queen bees had spoken.

So of course the "hot" guy saying all the pretty lies got their vote, over the woman who was pro-Trump. In retrospect, the sheer number of yankee imports and cuckservatives who wanted to hang out at all the nice parties and just get along pretty much guaranteed it.

And they were lies. the man is a dishonest snake with a charming smile.

Look, I get what Molyneaux and such say about the difficulty in calling someone a liar if they declaim otherwise, that it's mind reading, etc., but bear with me.

I already mentioned that when I first saw his signs the bullshit detectors went off, and that they started screeching at high volume when I was told he was a "moderate" by those so deep in leftist waters they think "trans" 6-year-olds are normal. And that I looked into his actual positions. I've literally been told "he's a moderate, he says so", and when asked to point to a policy of his that isn't down-the-line Democrat repeat "but he's a moderate, just listen to him."

He's a liar.

Every position he has taken the time to post on his website is a mainstream Democrat position. A couple are close to the right edge of the party, a couple are totally non-partisan, and some are cetrtainly on the left/progressive side. Even his declaration that "he's pro 2A" is not unheard of from mainstream democrats, and immediately undermined by how he wants more "sensible" gun laws, more government control over your rights, and to ban "assault weapons".

Yet he declares he is for "lowcountry over party" (the "lowcountry" is the tidal plain/swamp area at the coasts, and around Charleston, and extends pretty far inland before getting to more rolling/piedmont type terrain).

The guy is a successful lawyer. I could believe him to be incompetent, but I am hard pressed to think he is so incompetent as to not understand that his slogan is declaring he has higher principles for which he will stand, in opposition to his party.

Coincidentally, there is no conflict as he is 100% on board with his party. odd, eh?

It's either meaningless propaganda, or sea-lawyer bullshit, and deceitful as hell in either case.

But the soccer moms, democrat imports, and cuckservatives bought the "moderate" line from a smooth talking handsome man who told them pretty and soothing lies instead of calling them to battle, and either never asked "wait, how is he actually moderate", or are too deep in liberal/progressive waters to see him as anything but.

They want to feel good, virtuous, and happy. God forbid you're cranky enough to insist other people work instead of taking the money you worked for.

The migration of foreigners in large amounts screws up the culture, as they destroy what they came for and replace it with the very thing they ran away from, not realizing those thoughts and habits are integral to what they ran away from, or what generated the success they ran to.

And that includes "American" liberals migrating between states.