One of the channels I've paid attention to for the last year or so goes by the name Aydin Paladin. One of the rare non-leftists in the social sciences, she looks copiously backs up her videos with deep dives into the actual results of studies. This can be somewhat pedantic at times, but it's useful to see the actual statistics and not what's usually reported.

I know a lot of you guys are short on time so I'll tell you up front: if you have only time for one, look at the one on asylums. I know a guy who's old enough as a psychologist to have worked in one of the old-school asylums, and his personal observations match what is in the video well.

First - Aydin takes a look at the memory hole that is the media reporting on the Annapolist shooting.

Then, interestingly enough, she takes a look at Kanye Wests's recent meetings with Trump and appearance on SNL, and whether or not they are consistent with what he has done in the past, or if he's suddenly gone off the rails.

Then she takes a look at darker stuff - like the linkage between the origins of Marxist/Communist/etc. death-cult philosophy and advocacy for destroying the family through sexual mores - including, yes, advocacy for pedophilia.

Last, but not least, she takes a look at what went wrong with asylums, and brings up the question of whether or not, even at their worst excesses and legitimate problems that needed to be fixed, if the "cure" of getting rid of them was worse than the disease.