I saw commentary recently that some Democrats are undercutting their party by claiming that they're not one of those crazy ones. Sometimes they're still lying.

For example.

Joe Cunningham in Charleston SC caught my eye when I was there recently, due to signs extolling "Lowcountry Over Party."

Hunh. Incidentally, while most of the shots of him make him look professional, friendly, family and nature guy, he does at some times with his hair more a mess look like that "aliens" meme guy (see above). As we'll see, his politics are as incoherent, and likely less honest.

I immediately figure he's a democrat. While it's marginally possible a Republican in SC is still running from the Trump/GOP brand much like Grahmnesty has been for years even before Trump (until recently), the ones with an incentive not to appear like nutjobs as cracks in the media dike let news of the craziness slip through, the only ones who need to push a "come together" message, the only ones who try over the decades to be "apolitical" (because their politics are the same as 90% of the media and academia so of course they are) are Democrats.

Curious, I went to check up on him. Someone gushed how he's a moderate, hell, he even is pro gun. Knowing that person, I was immediately suspicious. So I check the site. Yes, a Democrat. What is he for? Well, per his site - which also uses that "Lowcountry Over Party" tagline:

NO Offshore Drilling

Offshore drilling and seismic testing would be devastating to our environment and our economy. As an ocean engineer, I know firsthand how destructive drilling for oil--and even just testing for oil--can be to a coastline. That’s the last thing we need here in the Lowcountry. I’ve been very clear about my opposition to drilling from day one of this campaign, while my opponent said she supported President Trump’s decision to lift the ban on offshore drilling. We must protect our beaches and make sure we NEVER drill offshore.

Um, he touts "ocean engineer" but it's obvious from his mission statements that his attitude isn't about how to make man-made systems work in the ocean, but protect the ocean from man. I'd go as far as to guess that he's associated with several local conservation groups in that area. Having run into one of the legal conservation-oriented groups down there in the past I know for a fact that their strategy is to keep finding ways to file nuisance lawsuits until developers give up. Fact, as in been told to my face by the top guy at one of them.

Needless to say, this is definitely a "green"/Democrat position. Hardly apolitical though can be sold as having the interests of the coastal area at heart and you could see a minority of conservation-minded republicans at least working to minimize the impact of offshore drilling.

End D.C. Corruption

D.C. is full of corrupt politicians and broken promises. I believe there should be term limits for all members of Congress and that D.C. should be controlled by voters and not by special interests. This is why I’ve pledged to limit myself to three terms in Congress and why I have not taken ONE dime from any PACs or special interest groups. D.C. should serve the people and it’s the people I want to serve.

OK, yes, it is. We all know that. And term limits are not a left-of-center issue. Neither is "not the special interests" but I would put money on his definition of what is a special interest vs mainstream would differ markedly from mine. That said, I can't really complain about this one. "Apolitical" in the sense that both major parties claim to do so. Call it neutral.

Supporting Our Troops

My father proudly served his country in the Vietnam War and was lucky enough to return home safely. Too many of our country’s heroes are less fortunate. For me, supporting our troops means:

First, keeping the promises we have made as a country to those brave enough to serve. That begins with equipping them with the proper equipment whether that is on a distant battlefield or here at home. It extends to providing them with timely support during conflicts. And it continues with providing them with the care they need - both physically and mentally - upon their return home. We should work to strengthen the Veterans Affairs Department by cutting red tape and reducing inconvenient paperwork requirements. Government bureaucracy should not be an obstacle to treatment or receiving benefits that veterans have earned from their service.

Secondly, supporting our troops means helping transition soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen back into the civilian life. Unemployment, homelessness and mental health struggles should not be something our veterans are tackling alone. Helping veterans gain employment or start their own businesses should be a priority. We also know that Post-Traumatic Stress and suicide is higher among our heroes; we need to make sure they get the care they deserve.


OK, I know, some Democrats make little effort to disguise their hatred for the military so this is refreshing. Not sure what he means by properly equipped but actually getting the number of tanks, planes, ships, and such that we need, and more importantly, the supplies to train and keep them running, is something the military has been lean on for far too long since the early 90's "peace dividend". Soldiers also need to carry less, and Col. Kratman has had a few things to say about an excess of armor and load making it impossible to chase down more mobile foes.

The VA though? It's a mess. I avoid it like the plague. Especially the hospital system. The problem is less the paperwork than the people.

The last paragraph though... perhaps things have changed but actually a lot of help is given for that, or was when I got out. Literal weeks of transition training, outprocessing, resume writing, and appointments. And the biggest thing we could do to help with PTSD and suicide is to cut the optempo for individual units, and to give them time to decompress on the way home, vs going from the sand pit to the states in 24 hours or less.

This one is marginally moderate in that there is a definite wing of the Democrat party that makes no bones about hating the troops, and it's usually the republicans who wrap themselves in that particular flag. But it's not foreign to the democrat party either. Call it neutral.

Reducing The Cost Of Healthcare

I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. No one in America should go bankrupt because they get sick. In the United States, no one should forego necessary or preventative care because they are unable to afford it.

After going through the medical uncertainties of my wife’s pregnancy and the arrival of my son, I understand how stressful—both emotionally and financially—the increasing cost of healthcare can be. In times when your family members are at their most vulnerable, we shouldn’t have to focus on the costs.

One of the many ways we can improve our current healthcare system is by encouraging the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to lower medication prices for people on Medicare, similar to how the Veterans Affairs Department does. Another possibility is allowing more middle class families to qualify for tax breaks to reduce their healthcare costs. We should also explore lowering the Medicare age requirement from 65 to 55 over the course of ten years.

You lost me here dude. Even a large chunk of Democrats didn't want Obamacare or anything like it.

Besides, you do not have a universal right to anything someone else must provide for you. It is impossible. It's pretty lies and wishful thinking but it cannot be done. And people getting "free" money and subsidies for healthcare will not use it wisely as it's not their skin in the game.

Up to this point, there wasn't a single thing that was almost entirely and uniquely "Democrat"/Leftist, even if there wasn't anything that at least some Democratic elements were "for."


Many incredible companies, such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Boeing, employ tens of thousands of Lowcountry residents. However, all of those jobs are at risk now because of this administration’s unnecessary job-killing tariffs. Volvo alone has stated that 4,000 potential South Carolina employees are at major risk of job loss.

These tariffs are dangerous and could be catastrophic for Lowcountry families. In Congress, I will vote to overturn these tariffs. I also support Congressman Mark Sanford’s bill to give Congress more oversight authority in approving future tariffs.

Tarrifs are how the country got through more than 100 years of existence. They're also far easier to manage and administer, reduce government overhead, and reduce the time citizens need to do stupid accounting or get thrown in jail. Tarrifs also allow the country to compensate for when other countries are not trading in good faith - via govt subsidies or in other means.

Like in China. Even SNL pokes a few jabs at the near slave-labor conditions that still exist there in many places.

You can find anti-tariff republicans, but this is #resist all the way.

Conserving The Environment

As an Eagle Scout, I spent many weekends in the great outdoors, camping and hiking. Being near the ocean, fishing and diving are my favorite hobbies. It was my love of marine environment that led me to study ocean engineering, where I could be near the water and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

In the Lowcountry, our natural resources provide a high quality of life for citizens, as well as drive the local economy.

I believe climate change is the single greatest non-military threat to our nation—especially living in a coastal region, where we see the impacts of rising sea levels and harsh storm systems firsthand. I believe this challenge presents an opportunity to invest in clean energy that promotes job growth and eliminates dirty energy sources, like drilling off our coast for oil, once and for all. Let’s focus on renewable sources like solar and wind to create a high tech, green economy that preserves our natural resources for many years to come.

Oh. Climate change. People still believe that if they're NPC's

Voting Rights

Our democracy is under attack by politicians who are deliberately making it harder for people to vote. I will fight for fair access to the voting booth and work to ensure everyone’s voice is being fairly represented.

I believe we can improve our current system by implementing automatic voter registration. When you turn 18, you’re immediately registered to vote.

We also need to end partisan gerrymandering in this country so voters are choosing their politicians, not the other way around.

I have an alternative proposal. Let's get some skin in the game. Property owners and net taxpayers only. I'll consider letting service members exempt their salaries as they are putting their lives on the line.

And voting is a privilege, not a right. It is a privilege granted to citizens. "making it harder to vote" is liberal-speak for "no voter ID's and not knocking criminals off the voting rolls". While I actually would agree with restoring rights to those who've completed their prison time - if you can't trust them then why the hell are they out? - if you can get a valid state ID to buy booze, why can't you present it to vote?

Gerrymandering is a fucking shame - but I'd have to look at the existing maps to see if it's actually an issue here, or just defined as one because Democrats don't like the results. The state does have a nasty old-boy network that pulls some shady shit.

Overall, a leftist position.

Women’s Health and Equal Pay for Equal Work

Throughout the past year I have spent countless hours in OB’s offices with my wife, Amanda, in anticipation of our son, Boone. And in those nine months, something became very clear to me: those doctor offices are small and there is no room for anyone other than a woman, a doctor, and a supportive spouse.


In Congress, I will fight to keep the government out of intimate healthcare decisions between a woman and her doctor, and I will oppose efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and other women’s health resources.

This is entirely self-contradictory. Funding planned parenthood and providing other services on the taxpayer dime is not "keeping the government out of intimate healthcare decisions". Quite the opposite.

Beyond healthcare, I will always support policies that advance women’s equality in the workplace. In South Carolina, women make less than 80% of what men do for the exact same work. This is unacceptable. I will always support efforts to close the gender wage gap once and for all: equal pay for equal work should not be controversial.

If he believes this he's a moron. If he doesn't, he's a liar. Given his attempt to downplay his party affiliation, I'll say liar. Either way, what he wants to make illegal is already illegal. And who decides?

Definitely a leftist position.

Equal Protection Under The Law

I believe in equal protection under the law for everyone, no matter who you are, or who you love. We have made so much progress towards equality under the law and in our society as a whole, but there is still much that we can do to improve the climate for our LGBTQ community. Let’s pass the Equality Act and prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity with regard to employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service--so that everyone can participate equally in all aspects of American life.

Equality under the law by forcing people to do what? Some animals are already more equal than others when it comes to various professions and Academia, and it's those he thinks need more protections. Outside of those, the categories he wants to protect don't need protection when it comes to public services. As to businesses, I personally believe in freedom of association. As it is these days, we don't have freedom of association, and businesses feel free to discriminate against certain ideologies, and note - it's not the LGBTBBQ crowd they're discriminating against.

Not apolitical.

Second Amendment

I support the Second Amendment and common sense gun safety measures. I own a firearm and have my concealed carry license. As a community, we should work together to ensure firearms do not fall into the hands of criminals, convicted felons or the mentally ill. I support strong background checks and closing the Charleston loophole. Bump stocks should be banned and assault weapons should be reserved for our military - not for private citizens.

What part of "shall not be infringed" is unclear? This right here is what's usually touted when he's described as a "moderate" because he has an icky gun and "supports gun rights", but yet again we fall into the type of person who treats the literally thousands of "common sense safety measure" laws on the books as nonexistent or ineffective (but hey, one more will do the trick).

As a community, we already do, and we have background checks. And that "Charleston loophole"? That's "we're not giving enough time for the government to find a reason to say 'no'". Imagine that, to take away someones explicitly protected natural right the government has to show due cause and do so in a timely manner. I believe that a couple of the first ten amendments relate to gun ownership, as already noted, and to timely justice.

As to bump stocks, see again "shall not be infringed". Ditto ill-defined "assault weapons". At least he's not hypocritical enough on his web page to trot out the "militia" line but then think militia don't need military grade weapons, but completely ignores the fact that as things stand, we already have an unconstitutional restriction on weapons that happen to be fully automatic, which includes actual assault rifles. Given that the citizenry of this country started out on equal par with the military including privately owned warships and field artillery, we've fallen a far way from "the government should be afraid of tyrannizing their citizens for fear of the consequences".

And that is aside from the fact that there is nothing especially lethal about AR-15's. They are not full auto or even select-fire. They are not particularly powerful - the ammunition is more than adequate for dealing with nuisance predators like coyote, and self defense, but would not be powerful enough for hunting large game in many states. They are not particularly accurate as compared to other rifles (though not inaccurate either), particularly inexpensive, nor are they unique in how much ammo they can carry. Semiautomatic rifles as a standard everyday weapon is a 100 year old technology. The M1 Garand became standard issue in 1937, and was inspired by a semiauto French WW1 rifle, the M1917. The M1911 platform semiauto pistol is named that because it was brought into service over a century ago. Other semiauto rifles were in use by people and police even before WW1.

To sum all of this up, he's trying to brand himself as apolitical, and the fact that he's a down the line leftist with weasel words to allow him to weasel out of his supposed moderate positions, positions that are also not particularly outside of the Democrat party line even if a couple are on the right edge, is just a total coincidence as he just happens to believe that it's the best thing for the region.

As a supposed independent looking out for the region there is not a single position he holds that is not part of the Democrat platform.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

Yeah, leftists (and SJW's, but that goes without saying) are liars.