One thing that drives me nuts is the expression "my truth" or "their truth". Some people don't realize how poisonous it is, they haven't thought it through, but even so, I rarely have patience with it.

Why? For the same reasons I have issues with any post modern claptrap, or critical-anything theory - because it rejects truth. Anything said after that, even if objectively correct, is likely to serve falsehood.

What brought this post about was being told by a family member, after I refused to condone calling the events of January 6th an insurrection ("C'mon, you can at least agree that..."), that I really should come to see the truth. And why do I hate postmodernism anyway? Don't I know that it's just another dog whistle for antisemitism?

I don't care. The philosophy itself is toxic. The two words "my truth", all by themselves, are the embodiment of post modernist thought, that there is no truth, that everyone's subjective viewpoint is equally valid and no more or less in alignment with reality. It overlaps with critical theory, a marxist tool that lays the foundation for critical race theory among other things, which declares that the only truth is the struggle for power. All other "truths" are narratives to attain and hold said power.

That's right, it's a philosophy that justifies itself - a narrative that excuses any action in the attainment and maintenance of power. It's part of why accusing them of hypocrisy is useless. Misapplying scripture, declaring this or that true, and changing their mind the next moment, along with "it's OK when we do it" doesn't bother them. Their declared value when moralizing to us is not their actual value.

It's how "racism" is redefined as power + privilege - and individual whites may "have it hard", but they can never escape the invisible systemic privilege they "benefit" from. It's how, despite obvious differences in community trust and crime rates, black people don't behave any different than white people, they just get arrested more - because cops are racist. Even minority cops - they've just become an oreo, or acquired "multiracial whiteness." It's how a group as "diverse" as the Proud Boys is nevertheless a white supremacist organization.

It's how requiring the same level of ID as is needed to buy booze or get a bank account is called "voter suppression".

Consider how Kamala-joe used reconciliation and coming together, as I did, and understand that the entire foundation of post modernism and Marxism allows them to redefine words and claim them as truth, while trying to convince you that the words mean what they always meant. A protestor on 1/6/21 was an insurrectionist. Not because they met some existing definition of insurrection, one that was met multiple times to a far greater degree in DC and other places over the last year, especially at the CHAZ/CHOP. Not because protesting at the capital is unique - the Black Panthers did so armed with rifles. Not because violence at the capital is unheard of - a major BLM fundraiser was convicted of bombing the capital in the 80's (and cummuted by Clinton in '01).

Even Snopes has a hard time whitewashing that last one:

Susan Rosenberg is a convicted terrorist who has sat on the board of directors of Thousand Currents, an organization which handles fundraising for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

What's True

Susan Rosenberg has served as vice chair of the board of directors for Thousand Currents, an organization that provides fundraising and fiscal sponsorship for the Black Lives Matter Global Movement. She was an active member of revolutionary left-wing movements whose illegal activities included bombing U.S. government buildings and committing armed robberies.

What's Undetermined

In the absence of a single, universally-agreed definition of "terrorism," it is a matter of subjective determination as to whether the actions for which Rosenberg was convicted and imprisoned — possession of weapons and hundreds of pounds of explosives — should be described as acts of "domestic terrorism."

The noted "right wing" Smithsonian discusses the history and the fact that they didn't "just" possess explosives, but used them.

But we on the right are deplorable white supremacist insurrectionist Nazis. Because they declared us so, not because we actually meet any previous objective standard. Much like they declare that a man can be a woman because he says so.

Or the execrable "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" that also exemplifies this postmodern trait of "it's all in the perspective". Sure - a tyrant will call freedom fighters terrorists to propagandize the people against them, and terrorists will call themselves freedom fighters to make their cause sound noble, but the statement itself makes it sound as if the truth is purely a matter of labeling. That instead of a tyrant lying about people who are objective freedom fighters, that neither is objectively true.

So. Come to see the truth?

I refuse to align myself with a philosophy that explicitly denies truth as anything but a story, and wants me to discard what I see and believe to adopt the narrative - one which it can, and historically will, change at some time at whim.

Worse - this attempt to change reality by declaring it so is cut-rate occultism. Cut-rate, because it doesn't even have the depth of soul or glamour of actual occultism, while falling prey to the same evils.