The last month or so has been clarifying.

One thing I will say - while the politicians in charge may be lying, do not underestimate the ability of seemingly normal and otherwise compentent and intelligent people to believe the narrative. By narrative, I mean of course the line that, among other things, Trump is awful, Trump is incompetent, that anyone who supports him is a moron, desperate because they lost their jobs, or a racist, that Trump declared corona a hoax, and of course that Trump incited an insurrection.

We are seeing totally unironic calls for people to be drummed out of public life, for truth an reconciliation commissions, for a ministry of truth, and for political commisars to vet the military. We are being warned about three percenters, proud boys, "boogaloo boys", and even libertarian terrorists who... threaten to leave you alone?

As I noted in the "victory" speech - even if you ignored the extant calls for punishing the losers, there was no way that the "unity" asked for was any more than "shut up and like it."

The last month or so of not posting has allowed me to consider a few things, as well as spot a few patterns I've missed in the past. Since this never was a blog about timeliness, I think it may still be helpful.

In the meantime - stay safe.