If you're keeping track of current events, then you're well aware of the hypocrisy (but then, they only pretend to care about principle....) of those in power condemning the protests today. Yes, windows were broken. Apparently, someone was even shot and died.

Given the sheer scale of the protests, the fact that we don't have half the city burned down like a much smaller "mostly peaceful"  BLM or (but-they-don't-exist) antifa "protest" would, is of course a miracle.

And of course, the powers that be are shocked. Shocked.

Facebook and Twitter have, of course, decided to censor the president by freezing his account on twitter, removing tweets, and taking down videos.

On a smaller and local scale, the "right thinking" and "educated" can't understand why anyone would be protesting Biden's "win", much less resorting to "violence".

In either case, the biggest takeaway is that the details don't matter - the left/globalists/possessed will continue to overreact. They may or may not have the power of the federal state behind them for the next four years, but the technocrats will come down hard in either case. The rest will let their sanity further slip.

Me, I find that certainty calming. The exact path may still be obscured, but things are in motion, and the nation and it's factions are becoming more and more committed.