Cataline Sergius throws himself on the grenade to watch the new version of the Handmaid’s Tale.

I raise a glass to his sacrifice, so that the rest of us don’t have to.

A Handmaid’s Tale was cobbled together out of random bits of 1984 and Revolt in 2100 back in 1985, by noted crackpot and winner of the Extreme Canadian Award, Margret Atwood.

As I indicated the setting is stolen.  As is the plot and subtext.  The bad sex scenes are all Atwood’s however.  She owns them.

For some reason when Feminists have decided they are feeling oppressed, like in the Eighties when Reagan was holding mass executions, they start passing this one around and saying, how important it is.  It’s not of course but there’s no telling insane Lefties that.

The book is about an extreme theocracy that takes over the United States and renames it Gilead.  This has to do with some kind of infertility plague, which isn’t explained.  Anyway, fertile women are rounded up and put in a red robe to remind them of…sin?  Maybe Eve’s?  Maybe their own?  I’d look it up but who the fuck cares?

In the meantime, his post on “Leaving Libertarian” echoes a lot of my experiences and reasons.  I will say that Libertarians are slightly less out of touch with reality than Marxists. Sure, we’d still need angels to make it work, they’re stuck on materialism in a world that doesn’t even need a supernatural creator to prove that insufficient, and so on, but at least it acknowledges the distributed decision making that occurs in the real world at many different scopes including ecologies, rather than worshipping at the altar of central control.