One would think that, after years of having shows like “Glee” rammed down our throats, that the left, and the entire LGBTXYBBQ community, are all concerned about allowing people to define themselves, even in the face of defying traditional norms.

Of course, it’s been noted in the past that if you don’t match those definitions that they set for what a “minority” should be, you’re not a “real” [whatever].

Sarah Palin is not a real woman, and so forth.

So once again, we see this play out. It’s not about you defining yourself, it’s about them defining the terms, and what is allowable.

That brings us to Peter Thiel. At the convention in Cleveland in July, Thiel was the first person in the history of the party to declare his homosexuality on stage to an audience of people who have historically opposed same-sex marriage, among other LGBT rights.

Some Republicans and media portrayed Thiel’s statement as progress: The party had embraced an out gay man, and the convention had reflected the diverse ideological identities of LGBT Americans. But his statement also challenged that 1970s notion of a gay identity.

By the logic of gay liberation, Thiel is an example of a man who has sex with other men, but not a gay man.

Remember, it’s not about freedom, it’s about control. Their control.