Standing behind a banner with a hammer and sickle is no better nor any different than standing behind a banner with the swastika.

– Jordan Peterson

The other day I was walking through a parking lot near a client’s office when I stumbled into an older car that caught my eye (because I have one, so of course I noticed it) and as I walked past, I saw a familiar logo stickered onto the dashboard.

Turns out this southeastern state does indeedy have an Antifa organization.

So I started doing some digging. Soon enough I dug up the respective facebook page and a few other associated sites, and what was rapidly obvious from the social media presence was that roughly half of the members displayed a hammer and sickle in their profile name or image.

Yeah, I know, if it weren’t so fucked up that a bunch of communists dare to lecture others on their moral failings given the blood on communism’s hands, it would be funny to see people so ignorant or arrogant. I’m sure they believe they’ll get it right. This time. Really.

Just in time for this, Sargon takes a look at an attempt to enlist blue collar working class people into the communist cause (and how they lie about being from all ideologies including conservative and libertarian).