The Didact writes on how taking the red pill has saved souls and lives, and may yet save civilization.

Perhaps the most severe consequence of “taking the red pill”, or “waking up”, or whatever you prefer to call it, is that you usually undergoes a deep personal crisis in which just about every core belief that you have ever held comes into question.

I’ve written about this before; as with everything else in life, choices have consequences, and the consequences can be deeply unpleasant at first.

You will lose friends. You will alienate family members. You will antagonise your colleagues and coworkers. You will find that your patience for the stupid shit that everyone around you says and does goes straight out the window. You will realise that women are, fundamentally, seekers of resources and security, and this will colour your views of them from that day forward.

You will start to see the massive con job that has been perpetuated for decades at your own expense. You will realise that everything that you were taught about how society is supposed to work is simply wrong.

You will realise that school didn’t teach you very much of value. You will find that your university-stamped diploma is almost surely worth less than the paper it was printed on. Most of you will begin to comprehend that the long, slow, grinding climb up the corporate ladder will destroy your soul, and that you are nothing much more than a number and a warm body sitting in a seat to the bean-counters upstairs.

I know it was painful to me. There are aspects I’m still taking in, and my largest regret was not finding it sooner, taking it sooner.