No, there’s not another Portal sequel on the way, and while I enjoyed the original game, once was enough. Especially given how grating the “humor” of GLaDOS got over time. Yep, she’s evil. That said, “Still Alive,” the closing credits song is still funny as hell.

But, I do like bridge games, and so ran across this little tidbit on steam.

Yes, you build bridges. You get support struts (tension and compression), grating, and support lines.

And instead of figuring out how to build a bridge under budget to span a gap, you try to figure out how to get the carts to the end at all, through a lab with multiple spaces, bounce gel, acceleration gel, portals, energy disintegration balls, and yes, the companion cube. Sometimes, merely getting the structure to stay up under its own weight is a challenge, sometimes it’s more the timing, or redirecting the forklifts at crossed paths.

Sometimes it’s all of the above.

While I could do without the GlaDOS narration, the environment makes for some interesting puzzles, and has caught more time than I’d like to admit.