My thoughts and prayers to the victims, and especially to their families and friends who need to gather the strength to carry on with such loss in their lives.

I’ve got nothing else to add. The stoopid I’d seen in the news before turning my attention elsewhere burned. I am not in the mood to argue with opportunistic weasels screaming about the evils of guns, etc., though I finally found out the name of the suspect and even taken with a grain of salt the reasonably firm info on him does not point to “angry white male right winger”on any points except angry and male, and explains why everything but his self-identity and interests are being discussed at length.

Right now I care too much for those who won’t have their kids come home tonight to face that which would give rise to incandescent fury at the ghoulish opportunism.

And those of you waving their bloody shirts to herd more kids, helpless, into kill boxes?

Fuck you.