The editor for V2 has been significantly updated. This is good and meh. The good - Markdown still works by default. This is especially good as a lot of the stuff that got puked out of wordpress is a mess of Divs. I'll be bringing this site live before all of that is squared away but posts may be slow as I go back through the older content to clean up the text.

The really good news is that markdown is a damn sight more portable, the editor helps put in the proper MD tags even in text mode, and does allow for raw HTML when I need a touch more control, like floating or sizing an image to a partial width - which will be damned rare here.

Better yet, youtube/etc. links work directly though they're treated as a special separate code block. I'm not bothered by the fact I can't wrap text around a youtube vid.

So they added extra features and no longer offer a side-by side markdown preview, but shit doesn't get in the way yet.

By way of example: