Bad Support.

Due to the recent spate of people being cut loose by their employers to mollify crowds, Aydin Paladin has done a series of vids on customer satisfaction, and if ditching employees or founders actually helps the company, is the customer always right, etc.

They are as usual, long, and insanely pedantically detailed with all of the relevant references.

Interestingly, it appears that ditching an employee or employer for PR reasons has little or no effect, though there are some edge cases where the behavior in question is so reprehensible that punting the person is literally the minimum you can do, and NOT doing so may actually be actively harmful. Think of Subway and their pedo spokesperson Jared.

Put another way - ditching Papa John didn't stop the slide of their value into the basement. Ditching Jared didn't help Subway in their slide. Conversely, right wingers who don't apologize find equal or greater success after the fact.

Also, whether customer satisfaction has anything to do with long term financial success (time and resources greasing squeaky wheels vs the money it gains or customers it retains) is ambiguous even if they are your customers, and as has been noted, SJW mobs rarely actually are part of your core customer base. You end up pissing off your actual customers to satisfy a howling mob of people who wouldn't give you money in any case.

What I find interesting is a deeper question - if shitty customer service exists because the organization is fundamentally one that provides shitty goods (and can only retain shitty employees). Papa Johns is mediocre pizza, though not bad, that has tied itself to a declining industry (the NFL). PJ himself speaking out against the kneelers isn't something that would offend his actual customers, but was used as an excuse to shove him out by his purported use of a bad bad "racist" word, reported, but never actually explained in context except by PJ, with none of the board gainsaying him on it. But that didn't matter, the word itself was uttered and the feeding frenzy thus starts.

Subway was also found to have substandard product, with not-real-food substitutes for bread and meat. A company of fakes.

Is it any surprise they couldn't notice the creepiness emanating from Jared?

To some extent I don't think it matters if Disney pitched Gunn or not. This is not because I approve of Gunn, I think he should not be anywhere in power over kids or working around them, and if there's ever proof he abused a kid, taking a dirt nap. I think it's because people who knew of the controversy are already either not going to care, will continue to support Gunn, or between that and Disney's history of shitting on parents, or due to discovering other things, will stop watching Disney movies anyway.

Because it is systematic. Gunn being hired despite his "jokes" is something completely unsurprising from a company that has hired convicted pedophiles to work kids shows. Ditto the awful "humor". I'd mentioned on G+ that for personal reasons - family with ALZ - I had taken a look at Seth Rogan's "hilarity for charity". Just knowing he was involved should have been warning enough.

Not remotely funny.

Bad muppets bit, opening with penis jokes, having one of the Rick and Morty guys do animated penis and defecation jokes with downright UGLY characters, and Wolf isn't funny even when she's NOT focusing on trashing republicans or Trump.

Actually, the lineup for that was basically "a list of 'comedians' I avoid". Yes, even that whining prissy boy John Mulaney who can sometimes be funny.

Also interestingly, employee satisfaction appears to have a lot more to do with the success of the organization - and a little thought gives us a number of ways this would have an impact. Better workmanship, better attitude in dealing with regular customers, better attitude in dealing with marginal customers, knowing the company has their back in dealing with bad "customers" .

Happy employees drive better customer interactions, more loyalty to the company instead of cynical slacking and passive aggressive crap, and get you better product.

Companies run by fakes end up lying about what they put in their product, hiring pedos (who of course they cannot stand behind), and kicking out their founders to hire full-bore SJW's.

Yeah. That. The Quartering on Papa Johns.