Had a few DNS hiccups - remind me to go over what I've suddenly decided I don't like about using Dreamhost as a registrar, but not deal breakers - but once DNS shifted over and I reran ghost setup to get ghost restarted, the SSL cert regenerated, and NginX restarted with said SSL cert in place, most of it fell into place.

I still have some experimenting to do with a few other features, and absolutely need to pick a new theme, and am going through a few posts at a time to clean up some of the uttery craptacular <div> tagging that came out of Wordpress, but the embeds for youtube vids and Instagram look like they came through, though I may have to use the new editing blocks for instagram/youtube to generate a few of those again, and dammit if there aren't a few vids that just aren't available any more.

Have a good one, I've got some posting to catch up on.