One of the trends I’ve seen over the last few months is the increasing number – outside of die-hard neverTrumpers like Bill Kristol - who are becoming resigned to the fact that the left is going absolutely nuts. And yes, we’re not at the levels of active violence that we saw in the 60’s, but we’ve got a large pool of snowflakes with fragile egos that are currently screaming, often literally, in incoherent rage, and the media and companies firmly buying in to “conservatives don’t deserve to live.”

Sure, they don’t use those words – most of the time – but what is the end result of being hounded out of public life, out of careers, work, financial institutions, the ability to even pay for things?

They want us out of their sight. Forever.

So it is no surprise to see more and more coming around. And some are realizing a point I’ve made before, though it’s hardly original to me:

If you don’t choose a side, a side chooses you.

It only takes one side to start a war. It doesn’t matter if you or I want to look at things through the lens of race, group identity, etc..

What matters is that others do, and hate me and mine, and will attack me and mine for it, no matter how little ill will I have toward them or anyone else.

I don’t get to choose their targeting criteria – I can only adapt to it, be prepared for it, and discourage them from targeting me.

The leftist principle is the “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun the guy next to me.” By being “allies” they hope to avoid attack. All too many have found out in the last decade, especially the last couple years, that once you reach a point you’re not willing to deny the reality you see, the left will turn on you too.

Some “allies”, who will sell you down the river to avoid getting eaten.

It is the way of rabbits.

Fuck that.