“Convergence” is the process through which SJW’s infiltrate an organization, to the point at which it can no longer perform it’s ostensible primary job because time, effort, and attention is being given to things like “representation”, demographics, etc., rather than actually being productive (ostensibly on the theory that “diverse” people via skin color, different body parts, whatever, despite being just like anyone else, are so amazingly different that including them automatically improves things).

So, we have a new case. D&D and the RPG community, hell, all of hobby boardgaming for the most part, is so thoroughly progressive that finding anyone who’d actually bother to even complain that a woman/it/minority/whatever was playing is virtually unheard of. Hell, most of us growing up would have been overjoyed if a woman actually lavished attention on us.

Growing up and out of that aside, personally, that’s actually part of the problem.

In the RPG community we now have #DNDgate – which RPGPundit tried to start, and the SJW brigade tried to “own the meme” – in a truly cringey way. It doesn’t help when their protestations of how serious this is make them look like utterly unhinged losers that need a padded room and a “I-love-me” jacket. (Note – read the whole post – and if you’re not following the Alt-right DM, consider changing that).

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Jeremy needs to clean up a bit and lift, and sometimes goes a bit too much into millennial slang and attitudes, but some of the work he’s done exposing pedos in the Magic the Gathering judging program has been pure gold. And that all started because he was warning guys about THOTs taking advantage of them.

The upshot is that you have a bunch of people who come in, and are what Boofire calls “fans of the brand”

They come in to wear the shirts, and care about whether or not they are perceived as cool/socially acceptable. They care about what the hobby looks like (proper representation, inclusive, etc), rather than the hobby itself. They don’t want to put in the time to “git gud” or learn the ins and outs and trivia that demonstrate, through time and focus, their dedication to the content.

We had a name for this.

When I was growing up I hung out tangentally with the skater and Goth/industrial crowd (much more the latter). You didn’t have to dress the part, but you did have to appreciate the music, learn how to skate, etc. There were a few that may not learn how to skate but were there because we liked the people and found other ways to help – but while accepted they were never quite on the in crowd. (Incidentally, this is how SJW’s often infiltrate).

There was a name we used for people who couldn’t be bothered to spend time on the music, or to develop the hobby skills (or who helped out but took it upon themselves to lecture the ones who “did” on how to do it properly), but tried to present themselves as part of the “community”, wore the clothes, etc.

It’s a word on the lips of any goth who’s sneered at Hot Topic.

That word is “poser.”