Not sure if it will end up postable.

Hard to top what Larry and Mike Z put out.

Or Eric, for that matter. Go read it, especially the commentary. The anti-gun types are oddly more restrained there than usual.

I know, I agree with Vox that the current bowtie “conservative” set will fold like cooked spaghetti. Ditto the crowd that got its panties in a bunch over the 16 points because they didn’t understand universal omni nationalism includes saying, yes, it’s OK to be white, and for white people to have a future alongside jews, blacks, etc.

But once you exclude the nevertrumpers and the tut-tut he’s so gauche and talks mean stuff about furriners but I gritted my teeth and voted for him anyway crowd, that still leaves a lot of people.

While I think the military demographics are changing to be less pro gun/conservative, they still by a large majority are. Knock off a few percentage points for “following orders” and you still end up with a majority, or a large minority.

It’ll suck.

Those drone operators? Those tank drivers and whirlybird mechanics?

Sure, a lot live on base.

So do a lot of people on our side.

A lot live off base.

If you want to get cold blooded, and if the civil war goes hot, oh, I would not bet on anything but ruthlessness given the fervor the left has for crushing their enemies to the point of indirectly denying life by cutting off their livelihood (“but I didn’t throw the switch to electrocute him), a lot of their families will live off base too.

You want a sobering thought?

Ponder that.