Eric Raymond had posted a link to an article on how the Israelis had stopped school shootings – arming teachers. What was interesting was one of the first responses to that:

Maybe Israel has better qualified teachers then? In the US public school system, where teachers can’t even do anything about bullying among students (instead they do their own part of bullying causing the high uprise of mental health issues that no other country has), arming the teachers is likely gonna make it even worse.

No, I don’t want a depressed teacher (they all are) to kill my children because they forgot to do their homework.

So, let’s scrap this idea for now and get actually qualified teachers first. Qualified both in the subject matter, and in pedagogics. The US teachers I know aren’t either. Heck, I even know English teachers who were just asked by their school to also teach math – seriously?!?

Also, having armed teachers around students all day – what are we? North Korea? 1984? Brave New World? Forget it.


Ask Larry Correia about Utah.


Re: Larry’s post – his reposted gun control breakdown at monster hunter nation (original from 2012 but buried in comments, so look for the 2015 repost) includes some stuff on armed teachers. Enough to address your concerns and I’m sure he can get you more info as well.

I wouldn’t make teachers carry. those individuals which don’t feel capable of the responsibility I’ll agree with them.

That said, those will be my first candidates for “should never be responsible for kids/ parents should be homeschooling instead”, especially the ones who project violent lack of self control.


I meant, I’ll never send my kids to a school with armed teachers. If I wanted to do that to them, I can already send them to the army.

Threatening someone with violence all day (and that’s what armed teachers do merely by being armed) is equivalent to torture, and I thought that’s been outlawed.

OK. Look at that last line. In case you’re wondering if he actually considered someone standing, armed, a threat, as opposed to a potential threat, no, he wasn’t kidding. He made that very clear later.

That simply by standing in place, doing nothing to attack someone, going about their job as store clerk, or teacher, or being a patron at a cafe, but being armed, is threatening someone with violence.


As an aside, I copy/pasted directly, and in the post format I was a bit harsher due to fast typing than I would have been regarding teachers and responsibility. I can understand a teacher not wanting to take on the responsibility of being armed, distractions and all. It is a weighty responsibility.

It’s the teachers who think that they and their faculty are all incompetent emotionally unstable nutjobs that could not possibly safely and morally handle a simple piece of mechanical equipment and not shoot at students in a rage – and I’ve heard that argument in only slightly less blunt terms from a teacher – I would never make carry. They should also be fired as incompetent and abusive.

The party that prides itself on championing teachers is spending a lot of time this week explaining that teachers are too lazy, cowardly, and inept to carry a firearm in defense of students.

— Archer (@BoraxCross) February 23, 2018