Yesterday the Didact posted a bit of symphonic metal, and after a nice round of Nightwish finished off the set with some Within Temptation.

First, as I mentioned there, it’s heresy in some circles, but I prefer post-Tarja Nightwish, despite my abiding love for the Album “Once” and some earlier songs. Her operatic voice is amazing, but that’s the only style she has, and the songs they’ve been able to crank out since would not have universally fit with her style, whereas Floor, the current singer, can do it all.

Second, while Nightwish is perhaps my favorite of the symphonic bands, and my first intro to the entire concept came courtesy of Evanescence and the song made popular by Affleck’s attempt at the Daredevil, Within Temptation and specifically “Stand My Ground” is where I really jumped in to symphonic metal, and back into metal overall after a long sojourn through rock, indie, 90’s, grunge, and EDM (mostly trance).

One can again blame John Ringo and his bloody book playlists. My ears are thankful, but damn my wallet has screamed in pain at times.