OK – these guys are pretty fun to watch at times, like a previous video I’d seen where they listened to some actual country – Merle Haggard – for the first time. Really do like their reaction to this one.

The only thing they really missed, possibly due to where they cut into the song, though they caught that something transitioned, was that the very opening was done muted, as if being heard played over a static-filled radio speaker complete with stations changing before the opening chords are played, then transitioning to a more local instrument, rather than being two different songs.

I’ve always liked the double meaning in the title. The song itself is one of longing – wishing you were here – but the album itself has a bit of irony to it like postcards you send a friend or loved one – “it’s somewhere far away, it’s ‘great’, wish you were here” as well as the aforementioned “I miss you” aspect.