Vox recently asked why aren’t people buying e-books? Of course, the ilk reply.

Me, personally, I actually buy a LOT, though the handful of books that would make it on my limited shelf space these days I will get in paperback, with a stronger preference for philosophy, history, and technical material there. I enjoy the feel of physical books, but the lack of space and the sheer convenience of nor carding several small paper bricks around on vacation or to the beach trums a lot of other factors.

This comment reply by Vox jumped out at me:

**I’ve stopped buying from Baen lately. **

I’ve been hearing more of this too. The fact that they have SJWs like John Joseph Adams – the Women Destroy SF guy – editing their anthologies does not bode well for them.

I’d noticed that – I look at the Baen listings, and the reviews of the latest anthologies, and if it’s not Larry, John Ringo, or Travis, I can’t get worked up over it. I have not bought a single one that wasn’t one of the above three in a couple years.

They even let Scalzi in to one of the anthologies. That said – I’ll likely still get it for the better stories.