What's Going On

I know posting has been light lately.

While I may resume posting five posts a week, I'd already met my original goal of doing that for a full year. I didn't quit after that because I couldn't not write.

Additionally, it's been a rough few months on a purely personal and family front. I won't go into details, my friends know what happened, but it left me in a haze for weeks, and at this point, every time I look back and thing, "damn, I'm over it", I realize how misguided I was the previous time I thought that.

Nevertheless, I've got a backlog of stuff to write about that I'm putting thought into, in large part because while there's nothing wrong with being timely, I don't want to be an "outrage of the day" blog. My intent, "mission statement" if you will, was and is still to work out the assumptions and logic of what I believe, and to provide you with a foundation to understand what's going on, and why I look at the world the way I do. To use that foundation to better stand fast, and even advance, always keeping the truth, and even the Truth, in sight. And while I suck at creating rhetoric, I strive to find good rhetoric.

I'll also be working to get both search and comment functions functioning, even if not as smoothly integrated as wordpress.

About Last Redoubt

Ex nuke mechanic, jack of all trades.