One thought that had bounced through my head and been hiding at the edge of my awareness for writing is this: The left doesn't believe in boundaries.

But, says the pedantic, annoying, brainy-smurf knowitalls, some of them nominally "conservative", of course they believe in boundaries! They like safe spaces! They are hypocrites who live in gated communities! They're trying to push conservatives out of supposedly liberal spaces, and converging companies and hobbies!

Yeah, about that.

Who. Whom.

Those on the left, especially SJW's, don't believe in boundaries as a universal, as something other people are allowed to have and enforce. Kindof like the National Socialists didn't believe nations were something other, lesser, people should have.

The constant and ongoing march through the institutions, convergence of companies, convergence of Sci Fi, the attacks on gamers via gamergate, is proof positive of this. They hate the fact that there is a boundary at all, and work to eradicate it by expanding their reach until everything is inside said boundary, and thus, effectively, there are none. Even establishing safe spaces is a way to establish a beachhead where they and their rules hold sway, so they can then take more influence at managerial and leadership levels, and then begin making the entire organization a safe space, expelling those who won't bend the knee, much like recent cons banned John Ringo and Larry Correia.

"Inclusion" and "diversity" are attacks on your ability to control who you spend your time with.

The ongoing expansion of globalism via redefining immigration, illegal aliens, etc., is to eradicate borders between nations and tribes, to again, prevent them from saying "no."

"Gender Fluid" - an attack on normative, average "masculine" and "feminine" behavior and categories in the face of thousands of years of observation.

Nine year old drag queens and "trans kids" - again, an attack on categories and the boundaries between them, as well as one of many attacks on teh boundaries between children and adults, not the least of which were articles like "I'm the Pedophile, you're the Monster" at places like Slate. An attack on the very futures those children have as sane adults capable of having children.

Treating language itself as something that can be redefined on the fly, as if there is no objective reality to anchor it to, and thus undercutting the simple ability to say "no that is not true". Without an objective truth it comes down to will to power.

What kind of people hate boundaries? Hate locks on doors, property lines, gates, anything that in general makes it more difficult to take what they want, excercise will and power over others? Make people's lives hell as they constantly demand attention and time and energy?

Predators. Vampires.

I think it is hardly a coincidence that, while some BPD's/cluster-B's I've run across are nominally "conservative", for so many of them the traits that define such a broken person also match the behavior and desires of soyboys, NPC's, and SJW's.

Sure, some are useful idiots, but in the end, consiously or subconsiously, many want victims, not boundaries that keep the victims safe.