First, the silver tongue of the Razorfist, pointing out all of the ways we were supposed to have been knee deep in WW3 by now:

Secondly - I can't recommend listening to the Lawstream for everyone, and hearing transcripts are boring as hell, but there is something almost surreal when you do cartoon voices for the different lawyers. The Lemonfuhrer's dry, lungless gasp, and the bit where he has a lawyer voiced as slowpoke Rodriguez (a la speedy Gonzalez) questioning another voiced as Kermit the Frog is worth more than a few laughs, as well as showing exactly why the awards judge Chupp gave the defendants were so low compared to what was asked. Lemon's monomaniacal obsession with the gofundme is on full display in part 1.

And hey, another week, another Sabaton History video