It would be easy to turn this into the all-Sabaton, all the time channel, but they don't release stuff quite that often. That said, while I am still not a fan of the growl/scream vocals, this cover of "82'd All The Way" is actually pretty good. I like the effect of mixing the lady's voice with the guy with the more 80's metal voice.

For what it's worth, 82nd is vying with "Devil Dogs" as my favorite song on the album. Oddly, the first track here, just like on The Last Stand, is my least favorite, and the second has subsequently grown on me. I still really like "Great War", "Fields of Verdun", and the "Red Baron", but the sheer energy of 82nd and DD is infectious.

And if anything Amaranthe sped it up.

In the meantime, Uncle Johns Band covers the symbolism of Prometheus as used in the occult.

The Dark Herald looks at NEETS vs Nerds.... and the useless blobs of fat that occupy much of fandom - including Anime - would be derided as NEETS by much of what they watch.

On yet another note - there are only two versions of "Hello" I like. One is Leo's. The other is not Adele's, as she actually sounds like a crazy stalker. Instead, it is Hanna Boulton's.

If you think you recognize her, well, she's done some work with Leo.

And still not quite out there as Babymetal, but rockin, anyway..

Yeah, that's explicitly a Lovecraft reference.

Under "they think this is funny" - check out, or better yet, don't, "The Santaland Diaries" by David Sederis. It is available in audio, which is how I ended up having it shared with me. It's an "inside" story of the ins and outs of being an elf at a NY C department store. Complete with snark by the tubful, a lot of acid observations of humanity and very little positive about people or trying to serve them. Clerks was funny. Once. This is more of the same - jaded cynical people with no pride in their work making fun of those who have some. Worse, the opening bit where he discusses his dreams of making it big in NYC screams gamma power fantasy.

As a palate cleanser, a bit more of Sabaton, with Apocalyptica.

And finally, the Didact lists what he's read this year, and gives a rating for each.