Part of what had me tied up this last week, other than a major mail cutover, and catching up from schedule shifts due to hurricane Irene, was taking the time out to head down to Charlotte, SC, to see Two Cellos in concert.

OK, they had more than two cellos on stage, as well as violins, keyboards, and a damn good drummer. Though a number of tracks were played with just the two of them.

As an aside, I know Charlotte tries real hard to be hip, trendy, and all grown up (unlike all those other racist southerners) but the traffic and access to the outdoor stadium was awful – so much so that the last mile took most of 30 minutes, and despite leaving early and the concert starting a bit late, we missed most of the first piece, “Chariots of Fire”

Most of the first pieces were movie soundtrack stuff from their latest album – the Godfather, the Game of Thrones medley, a bit from Gladiator, Titanic, etc., as well as an earlier piece, a rendition of “Mombasa” from Inception.

The drummer, by the way, is damn good, with an excellent solo bit.

After the soundtrack bits, they went into the rock/pop covers, including four AC/DC songs (Thunderstruck, highway to Hell, You Shook Me, and Back in Black), and yeah, Despacito.

They made up for the last one by doing a rendition of Iron Maiden’s “Trooper” intermixed and opened with the William Tell Overture.