The guys at the Morning Joe show their asses again.

My only real comment is on the headline: Morning Joe Rips Trump Mex Trip: ‘Flip-Flop, Nonsensical, Sociopath’

We all know SJW’s project, but I’ve run into clinical narcissists, borderlines, and sociopaths: a spectrum of the broken, the emotionally stunted, and non-empathetic. I’ve also dealt with a lot of smart people who didn’t get the fancy college education indoctrination, and don’t give off all the higher-caste social cues. Since Trumps speech patterns aren’t my current subject, I’ll leave aside the snobbery involved, and simply point out this: I don’t see the cues I’ve learned to observe.

Hillary? Aside from the trail of the #coincidentally dead in her wake, watching her scares me.

If the idiots on the Joe do know what “Sociopath”, etc. means, they’re full of shit.