There’s an old joke about how a crossfitter and a vegan walk into a bar…. and we know what they were because they told everyone in the bar in the first five minutes.


A vegan walks into youtube….

Too soon?

In all seriousness, I get that there are vegetarians and vegans who, either because they are doing it for strictly medical reasons, or because they are mostly sane, don’t proselytize about what they are to everyone around them. I’ve known some, but there’s a reason for that more-righteous-than-thou stereotype.

Among other things, someone who makes a decision to live what amounts to a different lifestyle that cuts them off from many things they can share with others around them either has iron self discipline or an obsession. And obsessions are the stuff of madness. I’d written before that the seven deadly sins are all things that are necessities, or normal, dialed up to an obsessive 11.

Is it no surprise that they want validation, to impose their view of reality on the people about them?

To a greater or lesser degree, the things the left wants to accept as normal aren’t. Some are now common, but most aren’t, and the ones, like fat acceptance and obesity, that are common, they’re either incoherent about or otherwise show through their actions they know it’s unhealthy.

Ditto the projection often seen by the left courtesy of their own lack of self control. More on that soon. They keep thinking right wingers will flip out when denied, but they can’t understand that for “come, then take them” to be a death threat, they have to be the ones initiating force. It’s not “like shooting a bartender for cutting you off for having one too many”.

I’m sure that there will still be shooters, like Dylan Roof, who if you squint just the right way could be mistaken for “right wingers”, but the overwhelming odds are than any shooting we see, and I’m sure we’ll see more related to big tech, will be politically motivated (muslim, etc.), a rage flipout (unstable SJW’s and other fringe types) or the sadly typical single-mom-raised kid on SSRI’s.

In the meantime, I fully expect the relatively coherent gun grabbers to get behind pointing out that even CA’s restrictive laws don’t work, so we need to seize them all.