Cataline has a post up on the best mil-SF movies available. Yes, it’s missing “Starship Troopers” (duh).

Go read it, but in general, I agree. I’ve already posted my love for Mecha Groundhog Day, er… live die repeat.. er Edge of Tomorrow.

I also unabashedly love Battle L.A. – which incidentally has a fantastic soundtrack. Go listen.

But Galactica?

Yeah, the were some good episodes, and the opening season extended some hope of a grittier, but still uplifting story.

They lied.

Even by the end of the first season they were making it clear that maybe we deserved what was happening to us, and were equally as bad a set of monsters. The stupidity of how they fought on the desert planet (shoot first, blow up on a dead mans switch….). The utter incoherence of the characters as they kept making stupid mistakes or acting against established traits.

But the end made me hate it.

Spoilers, if anyone cares, but they guide the entire damn fleet, their entire tech base, pretty much everything, into the sun, because tech == eeeebil, and doom themselves to slow de-facto genocide, so that the cylon half breed girl was the de facto “mother” or Eve of all of current humanity.

No trace of anyone else or their descendants.

Fuck you.