Vox recently posted on how the system is rigged.

What astounds me though, are the cuckservatives. A guy I knew since high school – and that’s a long time ago these days, keeps posting “TROLOLOL” and “still not the Onion” comments on social media every time a new article comes up negative about Trump.

This guy is supposedly, from the rest of his stream, a true believer libertarian/conservative, and he’s hardly the only supposed conservative out there posting this kind of shit, taking joy in anything that befalls Trump. And I’m getting to the point I want to punch him in the fucking face.

I know I used to be annoying and far more gamma, and in some way still am, even leaving aside talking over people’s heads a lot without even meaning to, but what the ever loving hell man?  It’s less the “stop shooting at your own side” – as bad as that is, than it is the joy taken in someone’s downfall. Especially the downfall of someone who is at least shooting at your enemies.

How blind with hatred do you have to be to be told the system is rigged, and instead buy into the media narrative that it isn’t, by a media you otherwise admit is biased and full of liberal scum? To not even give it credit for being metaphorically correct given the blatant collusion of the press as exposed by Wikileaks?

I won’t even go into the white knighting from the self same guy, all to similar to Republican cucks who lined up to pull out their virtue and wave it in everyone’s faces over the raunchy bus talk, without ever pushing back on the supposed “sexual assault”, or how it was portrayed by the same media that tried to sell us rape hoaxes time and again.

It’s likely the moderates will be easier to convince – at least they aren’t entrenched in their opinions.