If you’re tired of your mundane existence of forlornly sitting on your couch snorting a bowl of cheetos and want to get at least some glimmer of what epic is like the shadow of reality on the wall of Plato’s cave, check out the latest addition to my blog list –  Razorfist’s YouTube channel.

I can but try, and fail, but to emulate his style, and bask in the glory that is his turn of phrase, profane and hysterical. Cursing to turn a church lady an impossible shade of wight, metaphors and similes and vulgar poetry that make you laugh out loud (“lick the botulism off a toilet seat”).
Leaving aside social commentary guaranteed to explode SJW in ways the producers of Kingsmen could only dream, you also have detailed breakdowns and histories of bands ranging from Iron Maiden, Queen, Judas Priest, Dokken, Malmsteen, and yes, Michael Jackson. You also get detailed and informed analysis and critique of Daredevil, the Shadow, and more.
I cannot do him justice. Just go fucking watch. And god fucking speed.