Just in case, despite all of the recent election coverage, gamergate, the ousting of Brendan Eich, etc., anyone is still convinced that SJW’s and their snow-flakiness is restricted to college campuses, we are reminded, yet again, of exactly how petty SJW’s can be. They simply cannot leave anything be, but just have to crap all over everything, and once they’ve shat one nest, they’ll seek out new places to crap all over until everyone is as miserable as they are.

What is it this time? Halloween costumes, again. The notable thing here isn’t so much the SJW outrage, or that the outrage has been focused at “cultural appropriation”, or even that they decided that posting fake reviews at Amazon was appropriate. Nope, it’s the fact that an activist organization is paying people to post those fake reviews – and many of those reviews are pastes from the same template.

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The costume in question? Here