More Boom - or Things I Will Not Work With

More Boom - or Things I Will Not Work With

I can’t do this justice, [it just has to be read to be believed]( I only had a partial semester’s exposure to organic chem in college, but that or a vague memory of high school chem should give you enough context to find the article side-splittingly funny. A couple choice quotes from “What This Here Compound Needs Is Some Hydrogen Peroxide”:
> Saying “this compounds doesn’t have enough nitro groups” is, for most chemists, like saying “You know, this lab doesn’t have enough flying glass in it” – pretty much the same observation, in the end.


Recall that this is the compound whose cocrystal with TNT is actually less dangerous than the pure starting material itself, and yeah, I know that sounds like the guy at the pet store packing a starved Komodo dragon into the carrier with your new dog, just to calm him down some. But there it is.

Now to go through the rest of this series…

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