Despite leaving the states, and currently taking some time off in Russia, the Didact is knocking it out of the park with his Fathers Day post, and this one

Then there is only one side. His side.

With Him, or against Him. That is all there is to it.

The nations of Mankind are inventions of ours – created for very good reasons and designed to keep different peoples apart, as they should and as they must. But ultimately, they succeed or fail based on their ability to comply with the laws of Nature, and therefore of Nature’s God.

Think upon this for a moment and you will see how this must be so.

Nations which deny the existence of God, fail because, to paraphrase Chesterton*, they then become capable of believing in anything, no matter how absurd or nonsensical.

Nations which insist on worshiping false idols are easily led astray, for at best they merely worship an aspect of the Truth, instead of understanding that Truth in its fullness.

Nations which do evil in the name of God, or of their understanding of God, however limited, absolutely deserve to be destroyed and must be destroyed. There is no moral justification whatsoever for doing evil deeds in the name of a just, benevolent, loving Creator who nonetheless expects us to follow His Law.

Nations which refuse to give their own people a bit of a breather, some time to rest and relax and recuperate from the stresses and trials of daily existence, quickly lose all cohesion and ability to plan for the future – because that is what overwork and exhaustion do to everything and everyone.

Nations which refuse to honour their ancestors, the forbears who sacrificed all so that the present generation can live in peace, harmony, and prosperity, richly and thoroughly deserve destruction, for a nation that cannot remember and respect its past will always keep repeating its own stupid mistakes, and therefore by definition has no future.

Nations which permit state-sanctioned murder – and it is vitally important to distinguish here between killing the enemies of a nation, which is entirely morally justified under the right circumstances, and actual murder – have no moral right to exist. No nation which permits the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, the innocent, and the unjustly convicted, can ever claim to have a moral right to exist.

I’ll only make one point to add to this.

I believe in America. But it is not a plot of land, of “magic dirt”. It is not a government.

It is, indeed a people – a people that believed in the values enshrined in the 1st ten amendments of the Constitution. Those amendments were the purpose of the constitution, what the government was supposed to protect, lines it would never cross, in respect of the people and their right to seek Truth. The rest of it was just mechanism – which is not unimportant as any game designer or long-term player can tell you how shitty mechanics can be abused – but could just as easily work as designed and still violate God’s laws and the rights and souls of its citizens.

Membership in that people isn’t achieved by simply showing up on a piece of land, but by demonstrating that one respects the traditions and ideals of the people, and will work as hard or harder, over years, and bind themselves for generations, to help them.

Governments which routinely violate those, which violate Truth, are not the people, but it’s attempted tyrants. Even if they stick a label on themselves that we revere, to gull us, to deceive us.

I side with Him, and those who stand by him.

And wherever we go, well, there we are.