Superversive plays virtue-signalling Oscar bingo so that I don't have to:

I don’t think anyone cares about documentaries … (RGB? Zion? I can’t even find an IMDB page on some of these). Foreign language films … Poland did something about the Cold War, which probably slipped in because no one in Hollywood was looking.

For the log of God Almighty — FIFTEEN musical score nominations? Fifteen… talk about overkill. I know they expanded nominee rosters to allow for their pretensions and for popular films, but this is insane. Besides, they all enjoy masturbating to Lin Manuel Miranda, so we know that Mary Poppins Returns is a shoe – in. It satisfies their politics (after all, LMM might as well have started “Orange Man Bad”) and has the illusion of being popular (the nicest review I heard called the film “unnecessary”). Then again, as I look closer, the only thing on this list that doesn’t check all of the usual boxes is Infinity War…. unless someone really wants Thanos to be the Green Peace mascot.

Original songs … fifteen. Again. Ugh. This is …. an amazingly terrible collection.

Short films…. who cares? Visual effects…. who cares?

Ah! Best actor! …. Let’s see, Christian Bale has signaled his virtue by calling Dick Cheney “Satan.” Rami Malek played gay (if he is for real, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.) Bradley Cooper… may have had to act. Viggo Mortensen … I don’t want to look at what he did. I”m guessing Bale is the winner.