There's a puff piece pushing Valarie Jarrett's new book about how she was great friends with the Obamas, among other things, full of the kind of details that make, much like Michelle Obama's new book, both pushing wimmen power as the Democrats line up for another "it's her turn" election , vaguely liberal soccer moms and hard core democrat women (if they can be called such) swoon.

The following bit in the puff piece jumped out at me:

Obama's favorite movies had complicated plot lines that involved suffering and ended with everyone dying. 'I think the contrast to real life made him feel better', she writes.

Remember, this is praise, pushed as a positive.

He likes movies with centered on nihilism and pointlessness.

And Valarie, the writers of the article, and their expected readers are expected to agree that that is such a sophisticated and good thing.

That right there folks, is a marker for how deep the rot goes.

Incidentally - just looking at pictures of her in that article, especially those of her with Obama, not exactly the darkest black man on the planet, how is anyone to know she's "black"? Even Talcum X looks darker.