Yup, it’s Labor Day, and aside from taking the day off from office time – something I rarely got to do in the Military – it’s a holiday I’m truly ambivalent about (at least it’s not on May 1).

So I’m posting. Not a lot (see enjoying the day off), but posting.

Of note today is Tom Kratman’s latest. Tom Kratman is the author of the highly recommended “State of Disobedience,” available for free, and a giant “fuck you” to the Clintons, especially Hillary. He also wrote the Carerra stories which are basicaally a giant “fuck you ” to the UN and transnationalist types everywhere as well as the last fifteen years in the middle east under the thinnest veneer of science fiction.

The gist? It’s another series of articles, of which this is just the opener, complete with extensive footnotes. The main point – how treaties, as the “highest law of the land”, can be used to subvert the constitution.

Go read it.