I originally hear about this at Legal Insurrection who got it from Red Alert Politics. A college professor will resign in protest of the law going into effect allowing campus carry.

“Clear, open, critical discussion cannot take place in an environment of threat and fear,” Deborah Ballard-Reisch wrote in a letter to University President John Bardo. “Guns on campus will make it that much more difficult for them to feel safe,” she wrote.


“As someone who has experienced gun violence personally, I do not feel safe with guns in the classroom.” Ballard-Reisch was robbed at gunpoint in 2014.

In 2013, Kansas passed a law permitting people to bring guns into public buildings, with a four-year extension for universities and community colleges to comply. The law on campuses takes effect on July 1. Two years later, Kansas eliminated a requirement for gun owners to obtain a permit by paying a licensing fee and completing an eight-hour training course.

“I’ve heard several legislators say this isn’t a big deal, that nobody cared and nobody was going to quit over this,” Ballard-Reisch, a tenured communications professor who taught at WSU for a decade, said. “And I thought, ‘No, I really am.’”

Ballard-Reisch added, “They may not care, but I think other people in this state who hold beliefs similar to mine will take some solace from the reality that somebody stood up and said, ‘No, I’m not working in this environment. …This is not OK.’”

Yup, I am woman, hear me roar! But, but, law abiding citizens with guns make me feel unsafe!

I wonder what kind of bully she is.

Interestingly, another prof also resigned:

“Kansas can have great universities, or it can have concealed carry in classrooms, but it cannot have both. In practical terms, concealed carry has proven to be a failure,” Dorman wrote. “Students need to be able to express themselves respectfully and freely, and they cannot do so about heated topics if they know that fellow students are armed and that an argument could easily be lethal. Guns in the classroom will have a chilling effect on free speech and hinder the university’s mission to facilitate dialogue across lines of division.”

He added, “That stifling of dialogue will hurt all students, including the ones with guns in their pockets.”

I have some dropping crime rates to show the supposed academic. Even if one argues that crime was dropping anyway, one cannot argue that more guns has increased crime, or prevented it from dropping. “Failure” is a word that both applies to him and that he apparently doesn’t understand. Also, given recent antifa shenanigans, I wonder if discussions would stay respectful if a pack of feral leftists knew the person they disagreed with was *not *armed? Certainly they could get lethal even without guns just due to numbers, wrenches, poles/clubs, and knives – which actually have been used by leftists in “arguments.”

Also, “…if they know that fellow students are armed and that an argument could easily be lethal.” This is a sentiment I’ve heard from teachers before – that they don’t trust themselves or their fellow teachers to know right from wrong well enough to not shoot someone out of anger or loss of temper.

I strongly suspect that this lack of trust in their fellow man’s moral compass is a bit of projection, and knowing all too well how they’ve poisoned the kids in their care. You can really, really piss them off by pointing out the following: They have college degrees, and 17-year-old kids are trusted to be able to handle military weapons safely and not shoot their buddies. Also, middle and high schoolers often have their hands on lethal implements in various shop classes, AND they and college dropouts/high school grads regularly, safely operate far more complex equipment than a firearm.

That they are effectively declaring themselves too morally and mentally handicapped to teach our kids.

Either way, good riddance.