SJW’s and borderlines always project, and how often do they accuse other people of violence or abuse?

In case you’re wondering, a throwaway comment by Stefan Molyneaux made me pause.

Think about the bakery lawsuits for a question. He asked if you would be willing to eat a cake, or any other meal, from somewhere that you had to sue them into serving you?

I fully agree that I would not unless I thought the people there were the model of forbearance.

It boils down to this – and this is not a useful rhetorical argument, just an observation. It’s not about the cake at all. They either never get the cake, or they accept one anyway, suing knowing that said christian bakers are models of forbearance, and the bakers will not retaliate, even by spitting in the food. They know they can get away causing pain and that there will not be consequences.

They inflict petty pain because they can.