In no particular order…

First, over at the reach, the Didact talks weightlifting, and fitness, and how it helps out in life.

We endure the pain and soreness, the exhaustion, the nagging injuries caused by past poor form, the commitment of time and effort, because the iron has repaid our initial investment in it a thousandfold. It has transformed us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

There is a calmness and a peace to be found in the steel. The barbell takes away our inner pain and exorcises our demons, and replaces these negative things with the feeling of bestial triumph that comes from lifting just a little more than we thought we could in the previous session.

On a lesser note, it looks like Seth McFarlane has a new project, a TV show called *The Orville* that looks like a joyless attempt to capture the utter magic of Galaxy Quest.
If it’s anything as cringe-inducing as a million ways I wish he’d die in the west…
Well, look at the picture above.
Last but not least, I’ve manage to scrape together a fairly respectable computer out of various spare parts. Nothing that will run VR, but the graphics card is just shy and still more new than the SSD drive I bought to install windows on after I got the case, power supply, etc. together and a boot issue tracked down to two of the RAM sticks.
I’m not that impressed with Windows 10. It’s not the utter suck 8.0 was, does a few things better than Windows 7, a few things worse, but is still lacking compared to my Mac or Linux Mint. a year ago I’d have installed 7 but since I’m starting clean I don’t want to deal with “upgrades” later, and would rather skip any version of 8.
Item the first, what moron made firing up a VPN even *more *complicated than it used to be? On a Mac I can click one menubar item, then one item in the dropdown. Similarly linux for L2TP as well. Short of playing games with batch files and shortcuts, it takes 4-5 clicks by default in different areas. It gets annoying very fast given there are about twelve sites I VPN into.
At least openVPN is still a two-click affair.
Most of the applications I use have a reasonable equivalent, but I’m glad I’m not ditching my laptop anytime soon as I’ll really, really miss [Day One](
At least [Sublime Text]( is available.
It’s also nice they have Bash available, but the hoops to jump through to get the [fish shell]( working aren’t worth it yet.
Anyways, enjoy.