I refuse to let a weekday go by without a post, or as in eclipse week, a pre-post, but I will have a minimum of five a week.

That said, today has been light on the writing, as I’ve been busy digging up a new host to replace blogger, likely going with something WP-based running on one of several hosts. The hardest issue, actually, is staying fairly anonymous.

Sure, I can use bitcoin or even prepaid debit cards to keep the payment paper trail an effective dead end, but moving my site will be no good if, since I have to have a domain name at that point (I’m using protonmail for the contact point so that doesn’t come back to me), I can be doxxed by anyone looking up my information via whois/etc. after looking up my registrar.

Yeah, I know, despite promises to the contrary, I’m sure I can be traced back by anyone with sufficient privileges at Goolag. Good thing I use a sandboxed *nix VM and always ensure the VPN is up and running to a random address before opening up the browser tabs. That said, even that can eventually be backtraced, correlated, something, by someone with their resources.

But if I’m moving off of Goolag I don’t want to make it even easier to pull back the covers in the process.

The other thing is that Vox recently posted another article on intelligent people and communications difficulties. That, and a  number of comments, left me thinking. I’ll likely posting something based on that.

In the meantime, suggestions on a good anonymous registrar that can be trusted (the name on the registration is the legal owner, technically, no matter who is paying it), and low-friction ways to get money over to bitcoin that can then be used to pay for hosting, and good hosts, would be appreciated.

So far I’ve got: