Whilst the Didact has been posting more epic Manowar (seriously, my cousin was listening to it back in the 80’s or 90’s but somehow I completely missed it even as I got into Yngwie, Maiden, etc. and ended up listening to lots of Dragonforce alongside my Sabaton and Nightwish habits…) I was on the road for the weekend. Good and bad stuff, but on the way back the rental had XM, and I had it tuned to the 90’s channel.

OK. There’s a LOT of good, and popular stuff from the 90’s, how much fucking salt-n-peppa or N’Sync or whatever do we have to listen to to get a drab of something cool?

I’d mentioned my tastes are eclectic. Well….

Late 80’s into early 90’s:

Yeah, pop, but some very slick and well done pop. Didn’t hurt that the lead singer looked like this:
OK, pixie cuts were in.


If there was ever a song fitting for the obsessive so-called “romantic” story of Romeo and Juliet, even if it was in a stupid “modernized” adaptation…

A little KMFDM never hurts, especially if it’s on the soundtrack for Mortal Kombat:
On the more pretentious side (no, not Skinny Puppy)…
Then I took a few detours with the Cherry Poppin Daddies, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (better band, IMO), and such, and always found this song immensely fun.
While we’re at it:
And we’d be remiss without a little punk. I wish I’d gotten red-pilled by these guys earlier, but…